1. How to Request or Create your Facebook Good Adds Up Video. #GoodAddsUp


    A guide showing you how to request or create your very own Facebook Good Adds Up video. This new Facebook promotion allows you to create and personalize your own #GoodAddsUp video to celebrate Facebooks new 2000 million active users per month milestone.

  2. How to Protect yourself From the New Petya Ransomware Attack.


    Last month it was WannaCry Ransomware. This month it’s Petya Ransomware. Next month it will be something else, so here are some critical steps you need to be taking to reduce your risk of being held at Ransom.

  3. How to Compress an Image's File Size Dramatically and Still Maintain Quality.


    A tutorial showing you how to Compress all kinds of Image files whilst still maintaining a high level of quality. Space saving is the main reason to shrink image files, but there are other great benefits to using highly compressed images with exceptional quality.

  4. How to Customise your Facebook Language Settings & Stop Posts Automatically Translating.


    A guide showing you how to turn off or customize when Facebook translates posts made in other languages. (Adjusting Facebooks Auto Translation Settings)

  5. How to Find and Remove Stalkerware on your Computer or Mobile Devices.


    Another day. Another Security & Privacy threat. The newest addition to the ever-growing list is Stalkerware. This article will show you a few different ways you can check to see if you have been affected, how to prevent future harm and how to remove Stalkerware if it is already installed on your device.  

  6. How to Automatically Start your Web Browser in Private Mode. (Incognito Mode) For Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.


    If you are sick of having to manually open a private browsing or Incognito window on your browser, this article will show you how to change your settings so Private mode is the new default launch position. You’ll be able to make this change on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and even good old Internet Explorer.

  7. How to Fix Chrome Error: Rats! WebGL Hit a Snag.


    It doesn’t happen all too often but Google Chrome does have random error codes just like Windows.. One of the less common but highly annoying Chrome errors is: Rats! WebGL Hit a Snag. If you’re seeing this error code on your browser, you can follow the steps in this article to get things back to normal real quick.

  8. Why you should Consider using Mozilla Firefox Focus on your Android Devices.


    A few reasons why you should consider using Mozilla Firefox Focus on your Android devices. Besides being fast, clean and lightweight, its core purpose has your best interests in at heart. It’s also the perfect web browser for anyone who's Android Device is starting to get a little dated.

  9. How to Use the New Snapchat Snap Map & Correctly Configure its Privacy Settings.


    A guide showing you how to configure your Snapchat Snap Map settings to protect your Privacy and still make the most out of its cool new location sharing features.

  10. How to Make yourself hard to Find on Facebook.


    A few really easy steps you can take to reduce your visibility on Facebook, making you much harder to find when people are searching for you. You won’t be invisible but you won’t be as obvious as….  

  11. How to Change your Facebook Account / Profile URL.


    Not many Facebook users know this but it is possible to customize your Facebook Profile’s URL. There are many reasons you might want to try this, the most common of which is to help new friends and acquaintances find you easier, especially if you are someone with a very common name.

  12. How to Access Any & All Internet Content Blocked in your Country or by your ISP.


    If you are sick of having your Internet Freedoms blocked by your government or ISP, find out how to set up a system that will allow you to bypass any blocks affecting you. These same processes also add an extra layer of anonymity to your internet browsing. 

  13. How To Install Apps on your Android or iOS Device that aren’t Available In Your Country.


    A quick, simple and easy to follow guide showing you how to find and download Mobile Apps for Android and iOS devices that aren’t yet available in your country/region.

  14. How to Fix Netflix Error: M7353 / M7353 -1269: Whoops Something went wrong. (Chrome, Firefox, Edge)


    If your Netflix experience is constantly being interrupted by annoying error codes, particularly error code M7373 - Whoops something went wrong, this guide will run you through a list of steps you can take to stop the error from ruining your Netflix binging.

  15. How to Set a Video as a Cover on Facebook Pages.


    Facebook cover photos have been around for quite some time, allowing users to set a larger image/banner to display alongside the profile picture of your page. Fast Forward a few years and the Facebook cover photo has been given an upgrade. Now as well as the standard cover image you also have the option to set your own cover video. If you aren’t sure how to find the new video feature, this article will guide you through the process of setting a video as your new cover on Facebook.

  16. How to Fix Windows Error 0x80070241.


    If you use a Windows-based computer for long enough you will learn that they are very good at delivering error codes at the most convenient of times. Error code 0x80070241 is one of these codes and although it isn’t something you will come across often, it can and probably will drive you mad. This guide was written with the aim of helping you get rid of error code 0x80070241 on your Windows PC.

  17. How to Repair Corrupt System Files in Windows 10, 8, 7.


    All versions of Windows suffer from a range of error codes, some of which can be fixed quite easily, others of which can be a real struggle. If your computer is receiving any sort of Windows error code, repairing possible Corrupt system files is a fairly easy step you can undertake to resolve the problem.

  18. How to Send Free Faxes from Android or PC.


    In today’s world sending a fax isn’t something you have to do all that often. In fact when was the last time you lay eyes on a fax machine? As rare as it is, you may find yourself needing to send a fax at some stage. The good news is that if you are looking for a way to send a few pages by fax without having to fork out a ton of money there are ways you can do so using online services. This guide will show you a few online Faxing options for both the Web and Android.  

  19. How to fix Windows Error 0x800F0923.


    There's one thing that Windows is really good at doing and that’s throwing random Error messages at you when you least expect them. If you are trying to upgrade your Windows computer to a new version you may encounter a variety of different errors, one of the more frequent of these errors is Error: 0x800F0923. Thankfully there are a variety of different ways in which you can fix this error code, so following as Downloadsource guide you through them.

  20. How to Disable Material Design on Chrome (The New Settings Layout)


    The new Google Chrome layout has officially rolled out in the latest update to the browser. If you don’t often frequent the Chrome settings menu though, you may not have noticed it. For some users, the newly arranged interface is going to drive you mad, especially if you are someone who hates change for the sake of change. The good news is that if you don’t like the new layout you can revert it back to the old style, just follow the steps in this guide.

  21. How to Automatically Add Hashtags on Instagram.


    Adding hashtags to Instagram posts can be a real drag,  #annoying,  especially when you are posting multiple pictures with a similar topic. Those days are a thing of the past though, you might not be aware of this yet but there are actually ways you can automatically generate hashtags that will fit your photos. This guide will take you through all the steps you need to know to get the process working for you.   

  22. How to Share Access to your Gmail Account Without Sharing your Password.


    If you are a Gmail user, there is a little-known option that allows you to share your email account with others, allowing them access to your account and emails without them knowing or having access to your account password. This is particularly useful for anyone who may be running a small business or just needs to have multiple people access one email account. The steps detailed in this article will guide you through the setup process from start to finish.

  23. How to Mirror Android Devices to TVs, Laptops & Computer Monitors.


    Today’s generation of smartphones are super powerful and are capable of performing countless tasks, from simple things such as messaging, converting units and internet browsing. They can also do more impressive things such as screen mirroring, which is what this article is going to show you how to do. If you don’t yet know how to use Screen Mirroring or what it is, follow along as Downloadsource show you some different ways you can set it up on your devices.

  24. How to Fast Charge an Android Phone.


    Usually, the standard rate at which your phone charges is fine. Sometimes though, you only have limited time so you need to cram a charge in before you head out. You might not know this but there are actually quite a few different ways in which you can make your Android phone charge quicker.

  25. How to Get the Best Pokemon Game You've Never Heard Of.


    It has been almost one year since Pokemon Go was released, with the initial hype and enjoyment all but gone. While Niantic has been milking the cash cow that is Pokemon Go, there has been another MMO Pokemon game lurking in the shadows that has gone completely unnoticed. It’s has been around for a little while and is arguably the best Pokemon game I’ve ever played. Best of all you can play it on a variety of devices. If you’re a Pokemon fan there is no doubt this game will impress you.

  26. How to Get Payday 2 for Free.


    If you are looking for a new game to play over the weekend, Steam are giving away five million copies of  PAYDAY 2.  FOR FREE! . All you have to do to get your hands on it is head on over to the Steam Store and click the  Install  button. It's simple as that! And best of all it’s yours to keep forever.

  27. How to Fix Windows Error 0x00000709: Operation Could Not Be Completed.


    Windows error 0x00000709 is a commonly found error that is generally associated with printer settings, specifically setting a default printer. It does happen at other times however those instances are far less common. If you are having trouble with Error 0x00000709 Operation could not be completed, follow the steps in this guide to rectify the issue.

  28. How to Fix Windows Error 0xc00007b / 0xc000007b.


    Windows has countless error codes, most of which like to make an appearance at the most inconvenient of times. Error code 0xc00007b / 0xc000007b is one of these codes and although it has specific times it likes to appear, it can sometimes just randomly pop up and ruin your day. If you are seeing this code on a more frequent basis this guide has a few solutions you can try.

  29. How to Automatically Disable your Touchpad When Connecting a Mouse in Windows 10.


    Laptop touchpads are becoming more user-friendly as the years go by. As far as they have come though, they still don’t offer half the usability and performance of an actual mouse. If you spend more time with a mouse connected to your laptop this guide will show you how to setup your computer to disable your touchpad whenever a mouse is connected.

  30. How to Configure Networks in Windows 10 (Public or Private)


    Windows 10 has two main options when you are setting up a network, Private and Public. You might not think much about which type you are using but you should be aware that the settings within each are quite different, especially regarding security. This guide will explain the difference between each and show you how to configure your network as Private or Public depending on which you have chosen.