1. How to uncover who’s calling you from Unknown numbers using DU Caller


    If you are someone who is constantly getting calls or texts from random numbers and you have absolutely no idea who it is or how to find out.  We’ll show you how you can turn things in your favour. 

  2. How to use Facebook Messengers “My Day” the Snapchat clone.


    How to use Facebook Messenger’s “My day” feature. The “mostly” new, and controversial addition to Messengers ever more Snapchat like interface.  

  3. How to Disable the WhatsApp calling Feature to block unwanted callers.


    A simple How to guide showing two methods for blocking unwanted calls in WhatsApp messenger on android. 

  4. How to create and send GIF’s in WhatsApp on Android.


    A tutorial that shows you how to use the new feature added to WhatsApp, that allows you to send GIF files you’ve downloaded from the internet, or create them directly on your phone camera, using the in app video recorder.  

  5. How to use the new Adobe Photoshop range on Android: Photoshop Sketch, Photoshop Fix and Photoshop Comp CC


    With the newly added Adobe photoshop apps just released to the Play Store, here is a quick introduction and guide on each individual App. Plus what they are best suited for.

  6. How to customise the look and feel of your Android Smartphone or Tablet without rooting your device.


    Ever wanted a nice simple sleek looking home screen on your Android device? Something way more user friendly, pretty to look at and just plain elegant!  We’ll show you how to do so, "without" the need to "root” your device, or instal a custom rom.

  7. How to save any website as a .PDF file for viewing offline.


    A how to guide demonstrating how to save complete websites as .PDF files, for viewing at a later time, using Google Chrome, Windows edge, Safari, and Android browsers. Useful in places the internet might not be available to you, is subject to constant dropouts, or whislt you are flying.  

  8. How to Setup and use Pokemon GO's new GO Plus accessory on Android and IOS


    How to set up the new Pokemon GO plus accessory and the advantages and disadvantages of pairing this device with your Android or IOS, Smartphone/tablet, to get the most out of your Pokemon Adventures.

  9. How to activate or deactivate the Memories option in Snapchat on Android and IOS devices.


    A quick guide to turning the new Memories feature in Snapchat “on” and “off” for both android and IOS Smartphones and Tablets. With a brief overview of the three new options available for saving snaps, videos, and stories.

  10. How to get Facebook Messenger Lite on any Android device in any country and why you might just want to convert.


    A quick guide to getting Facebook Messenger Lite installed onto your Android smartphone or tablet using the APK file. And a comparison of the huge differences between Standard Facebook Messenger and Messenger lite platforms.  

  11. How to use Facebook’s secret conversations option for encrypted messaging.


    Use facebook messengers new secret conversations app to keep your conversations, safe, private and secure. This option is currently only available on Android and IOS devices. and facebook’s desktop brower versions are currently not supported, knowing facebook though it will only be a matter of time before it is implemented across all of it’s services.  

  12. How to start shooting RAW on Android devices and Why it can be much more Powerful.


    This tutorial explains how to shoot in Camera .raw format on your android smartphone or tablet, and why it is such a powerful file format to use. Camera .raw files are the go to photographic file used by top professionals and weekend hobbyists alike.

  13. How to install any APK App on any Android device (Smartphone or Tablet)


    This is a tutorial showing how to install APK apps on your Android phone or Tablet.  This will be helpful if you wish to instal an App not available on the Google Play store in your region. Or from a known.  This method will work on any device from HTC, Samsung, Huawei ect.  

  14. How to find your Android phone or tablet if it has been stolen or lost


    If you have recently had your smart phone or tablet stolen, or just simply misplaced it somewhere in your appartment, don't worry! Getting back your stolen device or wiping the data from it using your Google account is very straight forward. Google has cleverly developed some simple steps that you can follow to located your device, with location services and  the Google device manager.     

  15. Adblock Plus no longer blocks ads in Android 4 2.2


    Adblock Plus is one of the web's most popular ad-blocking and content-filtering tool for desktop browsers. It has been available for Android since November 2012. However, it didn’t last long before Google team found a serious security hole exposing users to phishing and data theft in exchange for blocking ads.

  16. Google Now updated: get all the information you need without even asking for it


    The newest update to Google's search app for Android brought the widely-rumored widget for Google Now, easily addable to your home or lock screen.

  17. Secure Your Android With Ten Steps


    About 53% of smartphone owners have the Android OS on their device. How to keep it safe?

  18. Android 4.2 New Features Leak: Nexus Program, Customization Center and More


    Although Google's latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system adoption on current devices still lags way behind Ice Cream Sandwich, the search giant is very close to launching another version of the mobile platform. The name of the new version ...

  19. Samsung Preps New Smartphone with 3GB of RAM


    South Korean mobile phone maker Samsung is reportedly gearing up for the release of a new smartphone, one that would pack even more raw power than before. Apparently, the company plans on including 3GB of RAM inside this new device, which would ...

  20. World’s Lightest 7” Tablet Announced by NEC


    Well-known electronics giant, Japanese company NEC has developed a new tablet for NTT DoCoMo mobile operator. The new device has a 7” display and it is the lightest 7” tablet in the world. The official denomination of the new tablet ...

  21. Sony Xperia X Concept, a Phone Worth Waiting For


    It’s always great to stumble upon concept phones with outer designs one step beyond the accepted trend, and Xperia X is one of these. Imagined by designer Abel Verdezoto (via YankoDesign), the concept has been inspired by the first ...

  22. 22-Inch ARM All-in-One PC from ViewSonic Runs Android


    We didn't really expect personal computers to so casually start using ARM chips, and the Android operating system instead of Microsoft's Windows, but ViewSonic is eager to help make that happen. What the company launched through its newest press ...

  23. LG Optimus G Goes Official with 1.5 GHz Quad-Core CPU, 4.7-Inch Display and LTE


    South Korean handset maker LG has just announced the upcoming availability of its new Android flagship smartphone, the Optimus G. There have been lots of rumors surrounding this device in the past few weeks, but LG decided to go official with the ...

  24. Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean ROM for T-Mobile GALAXY S III Now Available for Download


    While we're still waiting for Samsung to announce the availability of the hotly-anticipated Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean update for the international Galaxy S III, those who own a carrier-bounded device can play with a few official ROMs that leaked in ...

  25. LG Teases New Quad-Core LTE-Enabled Flagship Smartphone


    The Optimus G is “the next big thing” for South Korean handset maker LG. Rumors on the upcoming superphone have been making headlines for quite some time now. We already reported yesterday that Qualcomm confirmed the LG Optimus G ...

  26. Sony Xperia SL Officially Unveiled with Android 4.0 ICS and 1.7 GHz Dual-Core CPU


    The long-rumored Sony Xperia SL smartphone has just been officially launched by the Japanese handset maker. However, details on the handset’s availability and pricing options have yet to be unveiled. Since it got leaked online, the Xperia ...

  27. Samsung GALAXY S III Mini Tipped for Q4 2012


    South Korean handset maker Samsung is determined to continue to reign over the smartphone market in the years to come. Besides launching a new Android flagship smartphone each year, Samsung plans to cover all price ranges with its products. This ...

  28. Lenovo Unveils LePhone K860 with Quad-Core CPU and 5-Inch Display


    Lenovo has just announced the upcoming release of the K860 smartphone, also known as LePhone. However, there are no details on the phone's availability and pricing options for the moment. The K860 is a high-end Android smartphone, which will ...

  29. More DROID RAZR HD Specs Details Leak


    We already reported several days ago that Motorola plans to launch two new RAZR-like smartphones, the RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD. However, the folks over at PhoneArena have been confirmed from another source close to the matter, that Motorola does ...

  30. Google Nexus 2013 Concept Phone: Tegra 4, Android 4.2, Google Wireless


    If Google launched its own wireless services, the first handset to connect to them would be, undoubtedly, a Google Nexus smartphone. Capable of delivering a pure Google experience, such a device would include not only state-of-the-art hardware ...