Avast Antivirus Pro Download

avast! Pro Antivirus is one of the best programs on the market that ensure the protection of your PC. Armed with powerful detection engines, not only is the application an incredibly versatile and useful tool for the pro users, but also the newbies will find it easily accessible and comprehensible.

The program is equipped with four scanning modes: full system scan, quick scan, removable media scan and customizable – select folder to scan. When you are pressed for time, go for a quick scan which takes only a few minutes. Full System scan mode has to work for at least half an hour; however, it is a meticulous, careful inspection of all the locations on your computer.

Accessible and encouraging future users, Avast seems to be aiming at simplicity and functionality in one. The installation process takes about three minutes – which is a decent result – but keep in mind to select Custom install option if you don't want to end up with another desktop gadget or a browser add-on. The program does not require a reboot.

Not only does the program provide the users with a PC protection but also it offers more secure Web browsing with sub-applications and tools, such as AutoSandbox, Browser Protecion, Remote Assistance and Site Blocking tools.

A hybrid update technology causes the database to be updated in real time and a full update is not required, so the users of this program will experience significantly faster security updates. It is also worth mentioning that the technique of file reputation system that has existed so far in paid security programs, such as Kasperksy and Norton, is now available in Avast.