Kerkythea Download

Kerkythea application is a stand alone rendering engine.

Here are some key features of "Kerkythea":

· Easy and fast rendering
· Optimized ray tracing kernel.
· Easy and consistent XML configuration for a scene.
· Standalone application, navigation and scene setup with integrated OpenGL viewer (GUI based on Fox toolkit).
· Material library - Reusing your saved materials.
· Material editor - Materials supported (Phong, Ward, Lafortune, Dielectric, Thin Glass, Layered).
· Bump Mapping, Clip Mapping, Edge Outlining.
· Support for many image formats (based on FreeImage library).
· HDRI support - image based rendering.
· Real depth of field (using stratified ray tracing)..
· Camera projection models: planar, cylindrical, spherical.
· Importing 3DS and OBJ files.
· Available exporters from Blender and 3dsMax.
· Basic/Iterative antialiasing based on brightness difference.
· Texture filtering (based on ray differentials).
· GI support based on various methods (Path Tracing, Photon Maps/Mesh Maps + Irradiance Caching, Diffuse Interreflection).
· Light sources (Point, Spot) + Self-Luminant area lights.
· Soft/Area shadows.
· Caustics (based on Photon Maps or quick heuristics).