PuTTY Download

PuTTY is a reliable SSH and Telnet client that helps its users create secure connections over the Internet as well as provides a suitable environment for advanced programmers. It is extremely easy to use, since it doesn't require installation. PuTTy is geared toward more powerful users and network administrators, which means that novice users won’t easily find their way around the app.

In essence a powerful PuTTY relies on a simple and straightforward interface that displays its well designed configuration panel to help you better manage sessions and connections. It allows you to choose the connection type.
The Terminal component is all about basic settings along with a line discipline and remote-controlled printing. Users may also customize the appearance, and set the keyboard shortcuts The Connection section on the other hand lets users customize the Low-level TCP connections, Environment variables, Proxy type and other protocol-related details.

When you set up the connection successfully, you can take control over the computer resources of the computer that you are connected to on the spot.
All in all, PuTTY presents itself as a complete and fully customizable application for experienced and powerful users who want to customize environment for even more secure connections. Its vast range of supported protocols combined with blazingly fast speed make it a top dog in its category.