ImgBurn Download

Nowadays, image burning is extremely popular, as it is one of the fastest way of saving huge amount of data to CD and DVD. We all know that the market is overloaded with various burning tools, so you can really get lost in the mix while choosing one. Of course, you can take the first one from the crowd, but at first sight it is difficult to define whether it is the best one.

Let’s have a look at one such application called ImgBurn. It is a lightweight disc-burning utility. True to its name, it has been specifically designed to burn images onto CD/DVD/HD/DVD and Blu-ray. Regarding the fact that it comes free of  charge and offers some extra features, it is definitely a worth trying app.

Once installed, the user is greeted with the intuitive interface. From this point, it should be pointed that ImgBurn was written with simplicity in mind, offering stupendous amount of tips that walks the user through the whole process of burning.

Its clean and pleasant interface is divided into two parts: the first one with controls and the second one with the program’s log file. The main window presents its main functions such as  write image to disc, create image from disc, verify disc, write files/folders to disc, create image from file/folders or test a disc. The included 'Modes' are responsible for performing different tasks. The inclusion of discovery feature, lets users check what kind of speed and disk types it can support.

There are also some advanced options for more powerful users such as drive-specific settings which enables users to select drive's OEM options. Some additional tools include: an erase tool, drive controls, and options for creating CUE, DVD, and MDS files.

All in all, ImgBurn promises reliable and easy burning, while being lightweight on computer resources. If you are looking for an easy way to burn image files, then ImgBurn is the right choice