CopyTrans Download

Few can call into question the fact that Apple produced an excellent product when it built the iPod. However, the designers did forget to include one essential feature , namely the ability to copy tunes from your iPod onto another computer. Fortunately, there are a few alternatives available that enable you copy your iPod tunes to any PC. CopyTrans is one such example.
CopyTrans is a powerfull desktop app that will help you transfer and back up songs from your iPod to your computer in a very effective way.

CopyTrans features plain and straightforward interface where you can see the iPod content, such as songs and playlists, genres, albums and artists. And there are two backup options included, Smart and Manual. Due to the nicely-organized layout, users can transfer files within a a few clicks. Of course, drag and drop support is also included. The inclusion of eject tool, ensures you are safely disconnected once you completed copying files. There's also an online help file in case you encounter any problems with the application. The system resources are barely touched. All this makes CopyTrans stiff competitor against iTunes.

All in all, CopyTrans is a helpful and functional utility that makes everything so easy to use that even the very beginners can easily handle all its features.