#1 Enemy Detector for 3D Games Download

The application gives you the opportunity to look through the walls and the perception of your opponents before they begin to shoot at you. This will give you a huge advantage and you can shoot your enemies through walls, or as soon as they come out from behind the wall.

Enemy Detector will also help you in single player mode. If you reach a difficult point in the game, you can use this application to see your enemies before they can see you. Enemy Detector works on all Windows systems without any problem.

The only thing you need is to use OpenGL for the game in which you want to use Enemy Detector. Make sure that the type of graphics in your game is set to OpenGL.

With this great application you can easily defeat even the most experienced players and bots driven by a computer. The program allows the player to select two modes - wireframe and transparent - can switch between them with keyboard shortcuts.

Wireframe mode draws only the outlines of an enemy, so we can see our opponents as an outline without complete filling.
Transparent mode makes all walls transparent. We recommend increasing the brightness settings when using this mode because it makes the boards little darker.


  • support for any 3D game that uses OpenGL - make sure that OpenGL is set as a default rendering method in the game.
  • keyboard shortcuts for the two modes - wireframe and transparent
  • automatic deactivation of the detection of enemies useful for rapid reconnaissance
  • ability to customize the background for the wireframe mode
  • able to auto-start in Windows
  • system tray icon for quick access to the program
  • program can be run in background

  • ability to use only for 30 days