Notepad++ Download

Notepad++ is a free, simple and open source tool for writing text. True to its name, it is a comprehensive editor equipped with tons of options and extras. Notepad++ is designed both for programming and normal text. It supports source code editing for multiple programming languages.

It’s tabbed interface, makes it easy to work with multiple files open at once, while being resource friendly and stable. Clean and user-friendly interface is neatly organized into several menus comprising different functions.
Regarding coding, Notepad++ supports many programming languages, and can automatically create HTML. It also features great find and replace tool. Be careful during the installation, as it may try to install third party applications. Of course, you can skip the themes, but it is worth noting to install all the plugins and auto completion files. These add-ons can be really useful, for example one of them brings FTP support, another spell checker and more.

To conclude, Notepad++ deserves to give it at least a try, for its functionality, complexity and ease of use.