Recover My Files Download

Isn’t it annoying when you accidentally delete an important file, using the permanently delete function? Do not panic! There are numerous data recovery programs that can recover files, even from a formatted hard drive.

One such example is RecoverMyFiles, a powerful utility designed to find and restore deleted files on your PC in a few simple steps. This decent application is aims scan your PC thoroughly and recover deleted files such as documents, images, video, archives, email, even if they have been infected by viruses or accidentally removed from the Recycle Bin.

Despite a simple and well-organized interface, it provides powerful search and recovery tools. The main windows is spacious, letting users freely preview the files, or navigate around the detected files. Recover My Files walks you through the whole process. It enables you to select drives and folders to be scanned. You can run a general scan or just look for specific files such as photos, documents, archives, or emails, what makes the recovering process even faster.

Recover My Files lets you choose between simply recovering files and complete format recovery of an entire drive. You need to be patient with second one, as it requires more time to complete. The program can also recover files from partially corrupted drives or mistakenly formatted drives, as well as from external local drives, such as an USB device.