Eagle Linux Download

Eagle Linux is a Linux distribution that boots and runs from a floppy or a CD-ROM, saving you the trouble of having to install Linux on your system - and you build it yourself! There is no longer a need to repartition your hard drive or uninstall your current operating system. This is a great feature for academic sectors who may have had systems donated by companies who don't allow the format of the hard drive to be changed (repartitioning). Eagle Linux is also a great embedded systems learning tool, and since you build it yourself, it can easily be created to run on any processor family. What's unique about Eagle Linux? It does not use a compressed file system for standard files, making file access faster. It detects and mounts your IDE and SCSI hard drives in write mode, allowing read/write media access. It also offers an easier way for less experienced Linux users to create their own bootable floppy or CD from scratch using the HOW-TOs available on the downloads page.