PC Tools AntiVirus Free Download

PC Tools Antivirus Free is the security program designed with the purpose of protecting your computer from ever-evolving threats of the web. It is the software safeguarding the computer system against viruses, hazardous attachments in emails and other risky items.

PC Tools Antivirus Free comes with a collection of freely accessible security features. Home tab allows users to examine a summary of protection including performed scans, detected threats, and database updates. Besides, thanks to this tool, users can also view its protection status, i.e. a real-time and IntelliGuard protection. IntelliGuard protection incorporates a behaviour guard (it identifies and blocks suspiciously-looking files, before they manage to make any harm to your PC) cookie, browser, email, file, network, download, rootkit, and site guard. Moreover, the program enables to customize performance settings, schedule a scan, create a restore point before removal, as well as to view quarantined files.

When it comes to installation, extra care is required because PC Tools Antivirus Free is an ad-supported software that attempts to change your default browser search engine and your homepage.

Taken into account scanning process, it can be performed in three ways: Intelli-Scan, full scan, and custom scan. A full scan is time-consuming but also done more carefully. Moreover, it leaves a minimal footprint on computer resources. PC Tools Antivirus Free also lets its users to scan systems when it is idle. Scanner is so effective that it can detect even minor threats like tracking cookies.

Regarding the interface, it is eye-candy and user-friendly.

All things considered, PC Tools Antivirus Free manages to provide its users with first-rate protection against treacherous viruses or spyware. It does not put a lot of stress on system resources while being used, it is fast, effective, and includes some extras. What else can users want?