Pandora Recovery Download

Whenever you delete a file from the system, you only erase the reference to the file data. But he content is not deleted from the disk at all, and can be restored by making it visible for file system again. Thus, Pandora Recovery helps you find and recover lost or deleted files from memory storage devices.

 It features an easy to use wizard, which explains each step of the whole recovery process. The application performs scans of your memory drives and displays a list of existing and deleted files, which can then be recovered to a specified destination. You can also use ‘Search’ method to find a deleted file in case you define full or partial file name, size, date of creation or modification. Pandora Recovery allows you to preview image and text files before you start the retrieving process.

It’s add supported tool, so be careful during the installation process. Pandora Recovery tries to install third-party utilities and make some changes to your web browsers.

The "Deep Scan" method takes time, but it’s worth waiting since it reveals useful information from drives. The types of file it can retrieve are quite wide-ranging, starting from pictures, songs, movies and ending up with documents. The application consumes a moderate amount of system resources.

All in all, Pandora Recovery is a powerful application for retrieving lost or deleted files and folders, and can be recommend to all types of users.