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EasyRecovery DataRecovery description

EasyRecovery DataRecovery recovers lost, inaccessible or deleted data with added file repair repair capabilities for Zip files

EasyRecovery DataRecovery is a simple, yet powerful tool that recovers lost, inaccessible or deleted data with added file repair capabilities for Zip files.

It allows you to recover deleted files, folders and complete partitions quickly and easily, making it the ultimate do-it-yourself solution for causes of data loss.

EasyRecovery DataRecovery puts the power and control of the data recovery process in your hands and works in three easy steps:

- Scan the media for lost data
- Select folders and files to recover
- Copy lost folders and files to a safe location

EasyRecovery DataRecovery recovers deleted, lost, or inaccessible folders, complete partitions, files, or entire drives from multiple file types, media and operating systems.

Here are some key features of "EasyRecovery DataRecovery":

· Emergency Boot Media to recover data from systems that cannot boot to Windows.
· Allows you to start, stop and resume the recovery process at a click of your mouse.
· Ability to select FTP as a copy destination.
· Ability to generate reports.
· Preset file filter options for quick scan or a full scan.
· Advanced File Find options including "Find", "Find Next", and "Find Previous" for enhanced searching.
· Quick Undelete option for faster use.
· File display tree allows filtering and sorting by name, date, time, status, and size capabilities.
· User-friendly graphical interface for ease of use.
· Built-in Crisis Center� that provides you with an emergency escalation path for the most critical data loss situations.
· Repair capabilities for Zip files supports files created using most popular modern version of Zip utilities available and analyzes the Zip file, copies the undamaged files to a new Zip archive, and reports the files recovered from the Zip file.
· Added viewing capabilities support providing a view identical to the display of the file in its native application.


· Minimum of 64 MB of RAM (in most cases)
· Intel� Pentium�-class processor
· 150MB (maximum) of free space for installation only