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Zero Footprint Crypt description

Zero Footprint Crypt can encrypt your files using the powerful Blowfish algorithm

Zero Footprint Crypt will encrypt your files using for that the powerful Blowfish algorithm. It comes with a built-in viewer for images, movies, sound and support for MP3 tags.

The program offers a unique way to view encrypted image files without decrypting them to a file, but to memory instead. In addition to encrypting your files, you can also wipe them from your disk, using multiple overwrites and perform some basic image editing.

Great if used primarily for image encryption. Interface needs getting used to.

ZFC is a freeware application. You can use it unlimited times for unlimited files and unlimited file size.

Although the above is true, we would appreciate it if you registered your copy. The small registration fee allows for the continuing development and support of the application.

Here are some key features of "Zero Footprint Crypt":

· Heavy duty encryption powers this application. ZFC is Very easy to use, there is no unnecessary jargon. The user interface is very straight forward and clear allowing users to start encrypting data within minutes.
· Unique ability to view encrypted image files without having to decrypt these to file. Using the Zero footprint "in-memory" decryption. This function minimizes the risk of the encrypted files being recovered using "undelete tools" - there is no unnecessary writing to the hard disk.
· Powerful file wiping to clear any file off the disk (Department of Defense strength and even more). Making any file irrecoverable using "undelete tools".
· Six encryption algorithms to choose from. Including Blowfish, Twofish, 3DES, RC4, Serpent and Rijndael.
· Integrity record in files to ensure the decrypted data "correctness". User can be sure that the data is not altered in any way; as the decrypted file is checked so as that it is the exact file that was originally encrypted.
· Creation of self extracting encrypted files for secure email. Use the application to make an executable (.exe) file that includes your encrypted files, send this to anyone else via email - the recipient can extract and decrypt the files without having the full ZFC application installed. If you want to send data securely the answer is an SFX (self extracting) file.
· Email integration, send SFX files directly from within the application using Microsoft Outlook mail client.
· ZFC is a true 32bit multi threaded application. Encryption and decryption of multiple files can be started simultaneously.

Windows Integration
· Windows menu integration. The functions Encrypt and decrypt file are entered in the windows menu. (user may remove these easily from within the application)
· Drag and drop files from the Windows explore on the ZFC window. Allowing to easily encrypt and decrypt files in one step.

File viewing
· View most image types using the inbuilt viewer. ZFC is able to provide a slide show of images either in windowed or full screen mode. (images in slide show may be encrypted - "utilizing decryption on the fly")
· Thumbnail images of directories for quick view.
· Basic editing of images. (for quick fixes of images).
· Play media files (mpeg, avi, mp3 etc) from within the application media player.
· View multiple media (movie) files at the same time on screen. The media player size can be "tiny", allowing for multiple players to be run simultaneously.
· Editing of MP3 tags is supported.
· The application also includes inbuilt Viewers for the following types of file : Text , Web html, Macromedia Flash and a HEX viewer to view any file.

Compression and decompression of files using the inbuilt compressor. You can create compressed archives of multiple files using ZFC. The archive can be password protected. The compression function allows for sizes comparable to zip files.