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eXeScope is an utility that helps you customize an application.You can change the menu, the font, an arrangement of dialog. eXeScope can analyze, display various information, and rewrite resources of executable files, that is, EXE, DLL, OCX, etc. without source files.

Analyze and display executable files (EXE,DLL,etc.)
- Display header information
- Display imported functions
eXeScope displays what functions in what DLLs an executable file imports.It is useful to find unused DLLs.
- Display various resources

Extract resources and save them to files
eXeScope can extract Icon, Cursor, Bitmap, WAVE, MIDI, AVI and Delphi form.Other resources can be extracted as binary or text data.

Edit resources
eXeScope can edit windows standard resource (Icon, Cursor, Bitmap, Dialog, Menu, Accelerator, String, MessageTable)and other resources (Delphi form, WAVE, MIDI, AVI, JPEG).

Before editing resources, you must backup the original file. There is a possibility that edited executable file does not work, or work abnormally. Edited executable file should be tested carefully.
Author does not guarantee any disruption caused by edited executable file.

Confirmation of rewrite effect
In the case of Dialog resource, you can display the rewritten dialog form and confirm it.

Recording Log and Batch mode editing using Log
The record of editing resource can be logged to a log file. Using the log file, same editing can be re-played. This feature can be useful when you do the same editing for the new version of target file.

Create a .rc file
eXeScope can create a resource source file (.rc)file from an EXE file reversely.