BareTail Download

BareTail is a free application that is the Windows equivalent of the Unix 'tail' utility.

Here are some key features of "BareTail":

Real-time file viewing
· Optimised real-time viewing engine
· View files of any size (> 2GB)
· Scroll to any point in the whole file instantly
· View files over a network
· Configurable line wrapping
· Configurable TAB expansion
· Configurable font, include spacing and offset to maximise use of screen space

Follow tail mode
· View the end of a growing file in real time, no matter how fast the file grows
Like "tail -f" on Unix systems, but with many more features

Configurable highlighting
· Lines containing particular strings can be highlighted to help you notice important text

International character sets
· Unicode
· UTF-8

Many file formats
· Windows / DOS text files (lines end in CR/LF pairs)
· Unix text files (lines end in LF)
· Microsoft IIS logfiles (and other files terminated with a string of nulls)

Flexible configuration options and storage
· Many configurable user preferences
· Preferences can be saved to a file, the registry or not at all on exit
· Preferences are be loaded from a file in the local directory, a file in the application directory or the registry (in that order)
· Preferences can be loaded and saved at any time by the user, and shared with other users

Single small executable, no installer
· No installation needed, start using the tool immediately
· Small executable can be run from the network
· Easy to temporarily install and then completely remove