EditEx Ultimate Download

EditEx was created for programming and comfortable text editing. It has all what is needed: highlighting of more than 50 highlight schemes (inculding most popular C++/C#/Delphi/Basic/HTML/PHP/CSS/Python/Java), search and replace using regular expressions, encoding, editing and creating files in Win/Linux/Mac format, quick spell checking, auto-correct, full screen mode, included FTP-client with a feature to edit files directly on a server, highlighting brackets, search/replace in files, favourites, powerful print with syntax highlight etc.

But one of the most interest feature of EditEx are scripts and tools for a running of specific tasks like compiling edited files, formatting text in a personal customized way, launching programs etc. Using of scripts is a nice way for automatization processes of work with text files in editor. You are able to create your own scripts with JavaScript or VBScript language. There are three basic classes (General, CurrentEditor and AppEditEx) with all necessary functions. Documentation contains full discription of all available methods and properties.