Oceantiger jDeveloper Download

Class wizard that makes it easier to write classes. You type in the name of the class and the datamember names , and the wizzard generates the find (and set) functions,the toString function and a constructor for you (see tutorial for more info) (java). When you compile from the editor you get a list of error messages (if any), and clicking on one of them makes the editor jump to the error line (java). You get a custom run window when running dos applications, so you can go back in the output and study it (java).

Keeping track of variable values with the builtin debugging features (java). Code completion displayes a list of available functions and datamembers for a defined java object, and available parameters for html tags (see tutorial and screenshots for more information). Auto completion, can finishes the code for you. That is you type e.g. the do keyword and the editor generates the while part etc (see tutorial for more info) (java).

Java, html, perl, php, xml, css predefined code color highlighting. You can also define your own languages that you would like color highlighting for. Autosave feature.

You can export source code to HTML and RTF (with color highlighting, see tutorial). When printing you can get a print preview. You can have as many documents open at a time as you like, and there is no limit on how big the source files can be.