D-Guard Anti-DDoS Firewall Basic Download

D-Guard Anti-DDoS Firewall Basic description

The most accurate and highest performance protection against DDoS attacks.

A high performance protection system designed to help you block DDoS attacks. The application also features a built-in Intrusion Prevention System.

Here are some key features of "D-Guard Anti-DDoS Firewall Basic":

· Built-in Intrusion Prevention System.
· Protection against SYN, TCP Flooding and other types of DDoS attacks.
· Real-time visibility of attack packets.
· TCP flow control.
· Attack packets filtering
· UDP/ICMP/IGMP packets rate management.
· IP blacklist and whitelist.
· Disable/Enable proxy access on the application Layer.
· Stop over 2,000 types of hacker activities, such as Port scan, SQL injection and etc.
· Protection against Anti-arp spoofing.
· Compact & Comprehensive Log File