Copperhead AntiSpyware Download

Our very popular and award winning product Copperhead AntiSpyware, is an excellent system utility that scans systems for spyware and other types of malware infections. Spyware comes in many forms and can hide on your system in many ways. Copperhead AntiSpyware is designed to find spyware embedded on your system and allow you to disable or delete it.

Some forms of spyware known as keyloggers, trojans, and backdoors are maliciously designed to grab the users passwords, credit card numbers, bank accounts and other confidential information. Copperhead Antispyware has the ability to detect and clean keyloggers, trojans, backdoors and other malicious software.

Copperhead AntiSpyware provides excellent protection against spyware, adware, trojan horses, auto dialers, keyloggers, adbots, spybots, rootkits, browser hijackers, phishing attacks, backdoors and other malware threats.