Purify Download

Using the Purify application you will be able to filter email, trace and report spam. Simple to set up. Very powerful features. Purify was designed from the ground up with ease of use, and simplicity in mind. Use it stand alone, or it was also designed to scale, so that it will be able to easily support a workgroup from a central computer.

Here are some key features of "Purify":

· Filter e-mail using powerful statistical Bayesian type filter
· Filter e-mail by country of origin
· Filter, accept, or ignore e-mail based on user defined phrases
· Accept e-mail from easily imported friends list
· Forward valid e-mail to your iPhone, or other SMTP service
· Filter image spam
· Filter e-mail not addressed to you, or uses incorrect proper name
· Report spammers and phishers to their ISPs with a button click
· Data feed for upcoming hsc product "Compass."
· Works with virtually every email client (Apple Mail, Outlook, etc.)
· Use in standalone, or workgroup mode
· Workgroup mode supports combo of Windows, Macintosh, Linux users
· Macintosh version is fully AppleScript-able
· Complete set of AppleScripts are provided