PhotoScape Download

No matter if it is a family picture or image from the wedding, it is always a good idea to make the necessary changes before moving it onto a storage device or sharing it on social networks.
PhotoScapeis an amazing solution for quick image adjustments. Although it’s free of charge, it does contain tons of options for viewing photos, creating slideshows, joining items, resizing, editing, printing, and more. What is more it can create animated GIFs, convert from a RAW format to JPG and capture screenshots.

One of the most eye-catching element in Photoscape is its  unusual interface. When you encounter PhotoScape for the first time, you are greeted  with the menu structured in a circle. This circle consists of animated icons that represent different modules. A few quick example are a viewer, editor, image combiner, GIF animation, printer, splitter, screen capture, color picker, RAW converter, to name the most important ones.

Even though, PhotoScape brings only some basic editing possibilities, it allows users to make small automatic adjustments  such as enhance  contrast and hue, correct red eye effect, and modify the sharpness. PhotoScape also features a slew of filters including  lens flare, noise, fake shift-tilt, crystalize, edge, cellophane or more.

For even more fun, PhotoScape takes advantage of host of photo editing tools. These include ability to resize images, a huge range of templates for creating frames to embellish the images, borders, and collages. Raw Converter comes in handy if you want to convert RAW images from DSLR cameras into JPEGs. Another great tool is Paper Print tool which can prints letters, calendars, planners, and so on.

To conclude, Photoscape offers just all the necessary tools for  viewing, editing, printing photos and makes photo editing a funny experience. Of course,  it's not quite up to the level of Photoshop, but as a free utility it does its really well.  With a straight forward interface and handy extras it’s a great choice for users of all skills.