Google Chrome Download

Google Chrome is one of the World’s most popular web browsers , engineered with minimal design but sophisticated technology on the other hand, making the web navigation faster, easier and safer. It is a cross platform product which is based on the WebKit rendering engine and designed by the search giant Google.
Google Chrome offers simple and straight forward installation procedure with as little requirement for input from the person installing it, which should take less than 2 minutes.

The interface
The application aims to be the best in terms of user interface simplicity. The clean, attractive and minimalist design provides a quick access to the most essential options: the address bar, search and tabs, each containing the most important knobs required for safe and fast browsing. More advanced features are hidden in the menus. Unlike its competitors, Google Chrome keeps History, Downloads, Extensions or Preferences in their own, full-sized tabs what allows users to swap between these options easier and focus directly on the desired option.

Features, tweaks and extensions
Google Chrome appears to be one of the most progressive browsers currently available on the market as it provides loads of outstanding and innovative features and tweaks. Its features cover the range of browsing essentials like incognito browsing mode, bookmark syncing, autofill, and standards compliance with support for technologies that are driving the future of the Web.
One of the most important features in Google Chrome is the ability to search directly from the address bar. With incorporated Omnibox function which stands for both an address bar as well as a web search input field, users will be offered various suggestions as they type and it also enables pages to load up as soon as the URL is typed.
The application comes with a wide list of modern browsing facilities including tabbed browsing, new window creation, and a private browsing mode.
When it comes to privacy protection it brings Incognito browsing mode which enables users to manage the website by allowing setting cookies on the system, disabling the display of images, cookie tracking, history recording, blocking JavaScript, plug-ins and pop-ups and deny websites to track your physical location. You can also delete Flash cookies from Chrome and change plug-ins from loading automatically. There is also a bunch of other interesting privacy protection additions and improvements when compared to previous version. It can automatically block potentially dangerous Web sites, display warning that the file you are downloading contains malware or other harmful threat, offering malware scanning on Web pages to include downloads. Basically, it traces the originated server of the downloaded file and checks with the websites on its blacklist. You can toggle and customize most of the Google Chrome's privacy and security settings directly from the Content Settings

As the Google Chrome was built with simplicity in mind, all the tabs are available at the top of the window because the selected tabs act as the title of the window. The great thing about the tabs is that they are detachable and can be dragged and dropped into the browser, so you can move them and organize into logical set at any time. You can also synchronize tabs to multiple computers and devices as well as the same settings, theme, bookmarks, apps, autofill info, passwords and extensions what requires only your Google account.
Google Chrome also comes with embedded task manager which provides useful information about system resource usage of each opened tab and running extensions. With Web Store tool, you can extend your browsers functionality by installing extra extensions. This update also includes improved page zooming up to 500% and highly-configurable modal window of Print Preview that improves workflow and makes printing process quicker than ever.

To conclude, Google Chrome is a stand out application with a variety of powerful tools, multiple extensions, web apps, themes, minimalist design, outstanding security fixes and incredible page-load speeds which provides fast and secure browsing.