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Kaspersky PURE delivers complex protection for your PC. Kaspersky PURE is a comprehensive package that protects your computer and data all the time.

Kaspersky PURE includes the following modules:
- My Computer Protection, which prevents your computer from known and unknown threats
- Backup copy, if you happen to lose your data, backup copy will quickly restore it
- Data encryption, which safeguards your confidential data and protects them from unauthorized access;
- Parental Control, which is responsible for protecting children from matters addressed to adults
- Password Manager, is aimed to store our passwords and other data required for authorization
- Control Center lets you control the security of networked computers;
- Additional tools – additional tools which provide our computer security.


Application offers downloading information from your computer, you can refuse or allow Kaspersky PURE to download your data.

Users are able to allow data downloading to Kaspersky Security Network in order to collect information about threats that can damage your computer. Downloaded data include:

Information about your PC’s components, installed software , operating system, installed updates, nucleus objects, drivers, processes, Internet Explorer extensions, downloaded program files, active processes, control panel aplet, entries of registry, IP address, types of browsers and Kaspersky Lab products numbers.

Kaspersky Security Network will receive unique ID key for all products of Kaspersky Lab, information about status of antivirus program, all suspicious files , ( f.e. virus name, date/time of detection , size of file, IP number and port attack, name of application). You should call attention to the program which do not download sensitive information and all received data is used to improve security.

Kaspersky PURE also downloads information about digitaly labelled applications downloaded by the user (URL, size of the file and signer’s name) and information about executed aplications (size, file attributes, date of creation, area, name , cell site and compression technique).
Main features of Kaspersky PURE:

• Computer Protection
Computer Protection prevents your PC from known and unknown threats. Every kind of threat is analyzed by a separate application component. With new system protection structure the product lets a flexible adjustment of the application to your personal needs or the needs of the organization, for which Kaspersky PURE is responsible for.

Computer Protection delivers the following tools:

• files and personal data protection
• system protection
• network activity scanning
• scan tools used to scan individual files, folders, drives, areas or the entire computer
• Updates which check if application modules and virus databases are up-to-date

Web Anti-Virus:
• Web Anti-Virus intercepts and blocks scripts on websites if they pose a threat. All HTTP traffic is also subject to a thorough monitoring. The component also analyzes web pages to detect phishing.

Kaspersky PURE packane includes the following real time protection components:

File Anti-Virus:
• File Anti-Virus monitors the file system of computer. It also scans all files which can be opened, invoked and saved. All connected hard disks are scanned too. Computer Protection stores etery attempt to access a file and scans it for any threat. And then the file can be processed only if it is not infected. Otherwise, the application will disinfect the file, remove it or move to the quarantine.
Mail Anti-Virus:
• Mail Anti-Virus scans all incoming and outgoing messages. All messages are analyzed for malicious programs. E-mail can be delivered to the addressee only if does not include dangerous objects. What is more, this mode processed messages to detect phishing.

Web Anti-Virus:
• Webt Anti-Virus catches and blocks all scripts on websites if they pose a risk. All http traffic is subjected to detailed analysis. This mode also processed messages to detect phishing.

IM Anti-Virus:
• IM Anti-Virus delivers the safe use of application using IM protocols. IM Anti-Virus also ensures security while using different kinds of instant messaging.

Application Control:
• Application Control saves applications performance installed in the system. A set of tasks is assigned to each group of applications what enables applications’ access to resources.

• Firewall delivers security in local network and on the Internet. This component filters all network traffic with two kinds of rules: rules for application and rules for packet.

Proactive Defense:
• Proactive Defense lets to detect malware before it makes any harm to your PC. Proactive mode is designed to monitor and process the applications behavior which are installed on your computer. It is based on the performed actions. Computer Protection judges whether the application is potentially dangerous or not. Your PC is protected not only against known threats, but also against new viruses, even those which have not been discovered yet.

Network Attack Blocker:
• The Network Attack Blocker executes automatically with the operating system. This mode monitors network for characteristic network attacks. When an attempt of attacking is detected, the mode blocks network activity of the attacking computer and prevents from personal data theft.

• Anti-Spam integrates with mail clients installed on your PC and monitors all incoming and outgoing messages for spam. All messages with spam are masked with a special heading. This mode can be configured to make decisions on the spot (removing, moving to a special folder, etc.). E-mail messages are also analyzed to detect phishing.

Network Monitor:
• This component displays information about network activity in real time.

• ant- phishing component is built-in into Web Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam and IM Anti-Virus. It checks web addresses for phishing. It uses special list of suspicious web addresses, which is located in database.

• Anti-Banner blocks advertisements that are displayed on websites or applications installed on your PC.

Protection of data and online activity:
• It watches over data security and protects them from malware and unauthorized access. With this feature, access to local network and to the Internet is safe.

In Kaspersky PURE protected objects is divided into three groups:

• Files, personal data, parameters of access to different resources, information about banking cards etc. Protection for these objects provides File Anti-Virus, Application Control and Proactive Defense.
• Applications installed on your computer and components of the operating system. Protection for these objects provides Mail Anti-Virus, Web Anti-Virus, IM Anti-Virus, Application Control, Proactive Defense, Network Attack Blocker and Anti-Spam.
• Online activities: using e-payment cards, e-mail protection against spam and viruses. Protection for these objects provides Mail Anti-Virus, Web Anti-Virus, IM Anti-Virus, Firewall, Network Attack Blocker, Anti-Spam, Network Monitor, Anti-Banner

The programs’ window provides the information grouped on the following tabs:

• The Connections and ports- this tab displays the list of all the open ports and active network connections
• The Firewall: this tab displays the information about the rules of using packets for applications
• The Network traffic – in this tab you will find information about all incoming and outgoing connections from your computer. The information also includes web servers, mail servers, etc.
• The Blocked computers- this tab includes the list of the blocked computers

• apart from protection in real time, you should remember to scan your computer regularly from malicious programs and other viruses. It is extremely necessary if you want to find malicious programs which have not been detected by security components, For example, if the security level was improperly selected or by inexperienced user.

• Quick Scan. Virus scan of operating system startup objects.
Kaspersky PURE offers the following types of scanning:
• Object Scan – scanning of objects selected by the user. The user can scan any object in the computer’s file system.
• Full Scan – full scan of the en tire system. In case of starting this option, system memory, programs loaded on startup, system backup, email databases, hard drives, removable storage media and network drives will be scanned
• Quick Scan – it is a quick scanning of the operating system startup objects

30 days trial
Kaspersky PURE is compatible with Windows XP 64-bit, Windows XP 32-bit, Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 7 32 bit.