Asus P8P67 PRO BIOS Download

Asus P8P67 PRO BIOS.

Changes in each version of BIOS :

Version 1204

1. Reduce boot time if clear RTC.

Version 1053 Beta

1. Enable support of "Internal PLL Overvoltage" item to allow better CPU Turbo Ratio overclock capability with D2 Stepping processors.

Version 1003

1. Update CPU ratio item to allow automatic activation of Intel Turbo Boost when CPU Ratio is above the Intel specification.
2. Enhance PCH native SATA performance.
3. Enhance USB 3.0 / PCIE performance.
4. Enhance USB 3.0 compatibility under BIOS setup screen.
5. Enhance USB compatibility.

Version 0804

1. First Released.