TeraCopy Download

Nobody likes moving or copying single files or batches of files as the computer takes an incredible amount of time to do it. With TeraCopy from Code Sector you no longer need to grow roots while copying files from one location to another. Tera Copy is a free file-copying utility designed to increase file copying and moving speeds between directories, physical hard drives or over the network. It is free for personal use only.

TeraCopy comes with a wide range of useful features. It automatically calculates CRC checksum values for faster operation, skips bad sectors during the copying or moving process and reports these errors at the end of the operation and also displays information about handled files what gives a chance to fix them and recopy only problem files. It is embedded with Window Explorer what lets users keep working with files as usual.  Support for drag and drop allows a simple way to add the files to be copied or moved. However the context menu option allows more handier way to do this, just define the files you want to copy or move and select the "TeraCopy" command and then the program will launch a window with the selected file in the list.

In the file information window users can see the size and status of each file included in the respective folder. Another interesting feature enables users to stop copy process at any time in order to free up valuable system resources and then continue the process.

The user interface retains the attributes that made TeraCopy an easy to use application, with a pair of efficient dialogues to allow effortless control over the included features and integrates perfectly in Windows Shell. The interface can be used in two visual modes: minimized mode and more expanding mode. The former brings twin file directory fields, whereas the latter allows access to more advanced options including Clean Up, Verify, and Delete and can be accessed from the Start Menu.

To conclude, TeraCopy is a nifty piece of freeware that speeds up the copying process of data much faster than the Windows standard method as it works uninterrupted even when it bumps into corrupted files and is able to resume broken file transfers.