EasyHDR PRO Download

EasyHDR is a kind of image processing type of software that deals with High Dynamic Range images. The amount of options and features enable users to get their photos close to what they see with their eyes. Even if the lighting conditions during photo shoot are adverse, thanks to easyHDR users will get decent results. A HDR image is made of a sequence of photos that were taken with various exposure settings. It needs tone mapping so it can be shown on a computer screen or just printed.

The program offers its users a photo alignment tool (both automatic and manual). It should be also added that the final result can be processed with some built-in filters such as blur, sharpening, selective colour tone modification, noise removal and white balance. EasyHDR allows for importing into different file formats including TIFF, FITS, JPEG and almost all digital camera RAW formats. What is more, the program offers batch processing which turns out to be useful when dealing with hundreds of photos.

The program is easy to use, so if you are not acquainted with this type of software you will not come across any challenges.

The number of features crammed in easyHDR is impressive. It works exactly as it is advertised-it easy to work with and it yields the best results.