VideoSpirit Pro Download

VideoSpirit Pro belongs to the first-class programs for editing, converting, and creating video files.

The amount of options in VideoSpirit Pro is way beyond the needs of inexperienced users but many of them prefer to edit videos on their own.

Starting from the basic options, the videos can be resized, rotated, or warped. A sound can be recorded and added to a movie with other stunning effects.  But the program has a lot of other more advanced goodies, e.g. when editing videos, various effects may be included like mixing video and audio together with subtitles and pictures, and various other combinations. What is more, it has got some valuable extra features: a video frame grabber, a splitter and a joiner.

The interface is clean, simple and straight-forward  combined with powerful options. It is also user-friendly. Each function is precisely explained in the Help file. It is advisable to start with both the Pre-Production section and the Starting a New Movie Project section.

VideoSpirit Pro does take up an excessive amount of system resources, you need to have a powerful system, but being successful in movie editing requires some sacrifice. Furthermore, it converts majority of formats such as: SVCD, MPEG, MP3, MP4, DAT, DivX, VCD, DVD, AVI, ASF, SWF, FLV and so on.

All in all, VideoSpirit Pro is a program which requires from its user a lot (system resources, advanced functions) but its high quality will satisfy you and reward you all its imperfections.