Google Toolbar Download

Google Toolbar is a nice add-on to Firefox and Internet Explorer. You can find there a Google search window, the powerful ad blocker, the form autofiller, the translation tool, the spell checker, and the map application that automatically links addresses in Web pages to maps. Google Toolbar seamlessly integrates with the Google suite: Google Earth, Google News, Froogle, Google Maps, Blogger, and so on.

The best thing about Google Toolbar is that you can fully customize all the tools along with its look. You can select buttons you wish, choose the most useful gadgets, and disable useless tools.
Another great thing about Google Toolbar is redesigned tab page, which lets you access frequently used websites. There is also an amazing Google launcher, which comes built-in into Windows taskbar, which allows users to access web pages and open programs just by inserting the first few letters of their name

I also supports other Google services, such as YouTube, Google Calendar, Picasa Web Albums, Google Documents or Google Images.

To conclude, Google Toolbar proves to be useful add-on for your browser, as you can benefit from lots of products Google has to offer, like pop-up blocker and a spell checker, to name the most interesting ones.