SlimBrowser Download

Users usually do not have any sophisticated requirements for choosing a web browser. In most cases, names which are widely known on the market win. Sometimes it is worth trying out something less famous and equally good.

SlimBrowser is established on the Internet Explorer’s engine and includes all the features taken from Microsoft’s browser. It has got a tab support and lets users customize different settings that can change tab behaviour.

A particularly useful feature is saving all opened files as a Group. Any users who have to open the same sites regularly and at the same time will appreciate that feature greatly. Another distinctive feature is called Language tab. Whenever there is a need to translate something, it automatically connects you to Google which does translation for you.

In addition, File enables viewing recently closed sites, which is helpful when you close the site by mistake. A shining feature is auto-form filler. Users do not need to fill in the same information over and over again because SlimBrowser completes it automatically. Most users currently want to have quick access to different social networks. SlimBrowser deals with this task pretty well. Users are granted the possibility to share a link on Twitter, Facebook or Google Buzz. Moreover, user can choose between different skins the browser provides, however, most of them is not very appealing.

Both Downloading SlimBrowser and its installation is a cinch. Besides, it is also fast. While installing this software, users can choose SlimBrowser to be their default browser.

All in all, SlimBrowser has a lot of goodies. Users loving scouting the net will be definitely pleased with it.