Windows Essentials Codec Pack Download

Windows Essential Codec Pack  provides user with the whole range of codecs which operate with majority of audio and video files. According to developer, WECP works with up to 99% of media files. It includes a barrage of advanced functions, filters and splitters applicable for any media format.

It also comprises one particularly interesting feature namely subtitle database. It allows to input subtitles on different programs.

Windows Essential Codec Pack is able to play DVDs, XDVDs, VCDs, and audio CDs. WECP supports any of :MP3, MP4, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MTM, FLAC, FLV, DivX, MPC, 3GP, AAC and many more file types. The pack also contains a copy of Media Player Classic and codec configuration tools.

The interface of WECP is easy to operate. The design of layout is similar to Media Player.

The installation process is simple. Clear instructions are provided. Moreover, WECP grants you a possibility to choose which codecs you want to install on your system but only during the installation process. What is more, it updates automatically so one is constantly provided with the latest version add-ons. On the other hand, it includes a toolbar that efforts to change the homepage and the default search engine of your browser. But there is a possibility to dismiss the offer so that you can avoid any undesirable changes on PC.

To conclude, WECP is efficient because as it supports a wide range of both video and audio formats. As a result, one can play practically everything after downloading it from the Internet.