GOM Media Player Download

GOM player is a freeware multimedia player that comes with embedded video and audio codecs, high-quality playback and loads of advanced features (brightness, contrast, saturation, ability to sharpen and add noise to video, the audio equalizer, A-B Repeat feature and more). It was written with efficiency and simplicity in mind. GOM player was designed to be simple for newcomers and powerful for advanced users.

The GOM player’s layout is attractive with orange highlights on buttons and easy to use. You can also download skins from the GOM’s website so everyone can personalize it according to their tastes. The application has got good sense if order as the interface is divided into well defined parts including: the Main Window, the Playlist Window, the Control Panel, and the GOM Menu. The main window consists of several options: the playback area, the seek bar, the basic playback controls, and the buttons to open the other windows of the user interface. On the playlist window files selected for playback are displayed.

The application is famous for the impressive list of options it makes available. First of all, users can configure the program’s playback settings using three modes: Normal mode, recommended for most users, High-Quality mode, which is not recommended for less powerful PCs as it uses more system resources and TV Output mode. Additionally, you can watch incomplete, damaged or partially downloaded files, it also comprises screen capture, video playback speed control, subtitles HTTP streaming, an overlay mixer and much more.
There is also the Advanced Audio Capture feature available in the GOM menu which allows users to export sound from a video file and save it as an audio file.
With GOM’s player you can play most of the encoded video formats as it provides built-in support for codecs such as AVI, DAT, MPEG, DivX, XviD, WMV, ASF and more. However, some codecs are not included with the GOMP’s installation and to save users effort of trying to search for the missing codecs , GOMP player brings Codec  Finder which provides a page or a link that will explain the codec and even a place where you can download proper codecs.

System requirements:
- Intel-compatible CPU P3 or greater
- Over 16MB of free RAM
- 20MB Hard Drive Space