Eraser Download

Even if you remove items from the recycle bin, they are not securely erased from your hard drive. Nowadays, the market is full of recovery tools that can easily retrieve data that has been erased. Eraser promises to delete files securely, without any chance of getting them back.

Eraser is very effective, thanks to its ability to remove the items, and overwrite them with some predefined patterns. The interface is not complicated, so in order to permanently clear data, click Erase Schedule and select a task type, like manual, immediate or recurring. Then press Add Data and decide what you want to delete permanently. One of the most interesting things is the erasure method. There are numerous erase options, and 13 tools for erasing with attractive names such as Gutman and US Air Force. Another helpful feature is scheduled erasing, which enables users to set the app to automatically delete files from your hard drive daily or weekly. Of course, the erasing process takes some time to complete and depends on the size of the data being deleted.

Overall, Eraser is a decent cleaning tool. The ease of use combined with powerful features, makes this tool a must have for most users.