Alcohol 52% Free Edition Download

Some programs still require a CD or DVD in the disc tray and this is precisely when Alcohol 52% steps in. As the younger brother of Alcohol 120% it offers all of its best qualities but yet it is even smaller and easier to handle. The only thing that this version lacks is the possibility to burn CDs and DVDs on real discs.

The basics, such as disc-emulation utilities help to mount a virtual disc by running data from the hard drive rather than from a CD or DVD disc. The users can quickly use a special creator to set up disc image files, making copies of their important CDs and DVDs without risking destroying their property. These files are later saved in an MDS (Media Description) or ISO format. Throughout the whole process it is also possible to divide the output file into smaller parts, each of them can be defined by choosing certain options from the list. Moreover, the users are able to create profiles according to the type of the data on the DVD/CD. These profiles include SecuROM, StarForce 1 /2/3/4, Playstation 1 and 2, Audio, Video and Karaoke.

The discs that the users have created with the program can be mounted in up to 6 virtual trays.

Apart from the options of creating, emulating and mounting disc images, Alcohol 52% is equipped with an Audio Converter that enables the users to convert their music data from AudioCD to MP3 format. A specifically dedicated plug-in is required; it can be downloaded automatically with the program.

Yet another tool is a DVD/CD Manager, which is basically a help device to inform you on the trays we emulate. It provides the users with both rudimentary pieces of information such as the name, producer's ID and its serial number as well as its capabilities, data security systems used and the version of the product.