Wise Disk Cleaner Download

All daily activities such as downloading files, installing and uninstalling software seems to be harmless activities, but you should be aware that created temporary files which are not deleted at the end of the process create a mess in our computer, take up space and negatively impact its performance. Wise Disk Cleaner is a free, fast and easy to use program that cleans temporary files, history, cookies thus freeing up disk space. And it removes junk files including Recycle Bin, Recent Documents, Temporary files and Log files that are no longer used by any software on our computer.

When launching the application, you‚Äôll be presented with a wizard that guides you through¬†the process of deleting the obsolete files.Wise Disk Cleaner brings good looking and intuitive¬†interface, which is organized into four specific tabs. There are two modes currently available:¬†the 'Common Cleaner' for less experienced users and the ‚ÄėAdvanced Scanner‚Äô for more¬†powerful users. The former automatically scans the computer for unwanted files created by¬†the operating system, the browsers or by the multimedia apps. The latter performs scanning¬†for specific file extensions that usually indicate temporary or useless files.

The simple and straight forward interface combined with powerful features for advanced users as well as novice users make it suitable for a wide audience. Some of these features include built-in basic defragmenting tool, options for adding different file extensions and a scheduler for setting up automated tasks on a regular basis with auto-exit option once the task is completed. There is also the Slimming System that gets rid of extraneous objects such as sample pictures, sample music, sample videos, basically no longer needed items.

Wise Disk Cleaner has been designed with a sole purpose to free up valuable disc space and does its job pretty well, equipped with almost all there is necessary for keeping it as clean as can be.