Wise Folder Hider Download

Security is the main factor that we all consider when it comes to storing our private┬áinformation, no matter if itÔÇÖs a personal document or some important data that might be┬áaccessed by unauthorized people. Wise Folder Hider is a free file security tool that can┬áhide your files and folders on your disk drive or removable device and protects them with a┬ápassword.

Wise Folder Hider's user interface is simple, user-friendly and nice looking with modern blue design. It has good sense of order as it is organized into three tabs in the toolbar: Hide File, Hide Folder, and Hide USB. When launching Wise Folder Hider you will be presented with attractive interface where you can open any hidden file. Wise Folder Hider displays status of opened items as Visible, when users close them it hides it again. Items can be removed from Wise Folder Hider's list by clicking Unhide button. The list of hidden is data is divided into four specific columns: Name, Lock, Status and Operation. The application supports a vast range of languages.

If many people have access to your PC and you fear that someone might get access to your private data or delete permanently your files, Wise Folder Hider can make you rest assured your data are conveniently protected. It enables you to create a wise folder user account, which is protected by a password. The whole process of hiding is extremely easy to figure out even by novice users. Every file or folder that you drop into the application automatically gets hidden from anyone using your computer and the only way to get access to it is either by entering the valid password or by unhiding it. You can also do it manually by selecting proper file or folder and click Hide Folder or Hide File. There is also a possibility to hide files on a USB drive what makes data inaccessible even by the operating systems.

Moreover, each file can by encrypted with its individual password what ensures the absolute security. Wise Folder Hider is able to hide any kind of file, starting from simple documents and ending on media formats and executable files and can do it quickly and effectively without any sophisticated methods.

To conclude, Wise Folder Hider is excellent security tool that performs wonderfully and is easy to handle, thanks to its simplicity of the interface.