Wise Memory Optimize Download

Wouldn't it be good to enhance PC performance within one click button instead of closing programs manually? Wise Memory Optimizer will optimize the physical memory of your PC on demand, freeing up valuable resources taken up by some unnecessary programs.

The Wise Memory Optimizer interface is very simple and neatly organized what makes it suitable for both novices and experts alike. It shows your system's memory on a pie chart so you can easily check the memory status, basically how much memory is occupied and how much free memory you have. If you want to optimize your memory usage just press the green button. There are also some settings available at hand such as support of multiple languages, and provided online help documents. Wise Memory Optimizer can even be programmed to trim memory usage itself in case it reaches critical levels or you can set how much memory you want Wise Memory Optimizer to free up. What lets you prevent unexpected crash when you're working on something. You can also set the application to run when the system is idle so it will not disturb you while working.

However there are some flaws that ought to be mentioned. Wise Memory Optimizer does not provide diagnostic features and hard-drive-analyzing tools, so you cannot even know what applications slows down the system.

All in all, Memory Optimizer is a reliable, helpful and best of all free utility that will optimize computer’s memory taken up by some useless applications to improve PC performance.