Wise Game Booster Download

Free PC optimization utilities are not uncommon nowadays, so there are plenty of choices that can let you get the most out of your gaming experience. Wise Game Booster works as an assistant trying to resolve performance issues in games by detecting any system processes and services that can affect you while playing computer games. It displays a list of all the processes and services that can be disabled in order to reserve maximum system resources for your games.

Once the program is running, it scans your PC for all the installed games. Sometimes it is unable to recognize every game so you can add it manually by selecting them by pressing the Add game option. As soon as all the games are detected, it will check for the processes and services that may interfere with games, and will add them to their respective sections. And then you will be presented with the list of items that can be optimized as well as processes and services that can be turned off to reserve maximum RAM for your games. With Optimize All button you can optimize items all together, but you can also do it separately if you want. With a single click you can easily restore the changes made to the system to the original settings.

Included System Optimizer displays all the system items that can be optimized and divides its methods into three sections: System Stability, System Speedup and Network Speedup. Whereas The Process Optimizer shows all processes that affect our gaming performance and detailed information about them including CPU and memory usage and provides suggestions whether you need to stop or keep it. Service Optimizer on the other hand displays a list of all the services that should to be turned off in order to play games without lag.

Wise Game Booster is designed specifically for games what keeps it at the forefront of tools for system optimization because it focuses on those aspects of your PC such as stability and speed aspects that are more likely to improve gaming performance.

Owing Wise Game Booster, users do not need to worry about the lack of ability to run high- demand games. Wise Game Booster speeds up computer's gaming performance so that you can get the most of gaming experience and then restore all the changes - all with the help of this little but powerful application!