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Changes in Wise JetSearch

Although Windows offers its own integrated search feature, most users are looking for faster alternative as they find Windows option too slow and clumsy. Wise JetSearch is a nice alternative to the built-in Windows search feature that allows users quickly search for files and folders regardless of their location in just a few seconds.

Wise JetSearch has nice looking and amazingly easy to use interface and only eating up few system resources. Wise JetSearch installs and uninstalls without causing any inconveniences. The application lets users find files and folders on any local drives with as little effort as can be, they simply need to enter the search terms including files extensions or wildcards, specify the drive they want to scan then click the Search button. Wise JetSearch will scan the specified locations and display its results such as file name, path and size within seconds. Additionally, Wise JetSearch can precisely search for local files fast on both NTFS and FAT
drive in any location.

To conclude, Wise JetSearch is incredibly simple for just about any kind of users. It's undoubtedly worth downloading if you need a fast and precise search tool so that you will don't need windows search any more.