Wise Auto Shutdown Download

Owing Wise Auto Shutdown you no longer need to wait hours for a download to complete, as┬áwith this simple application you can easily schedule your computer to power off at any time┬áyou want. No matter of you want it to automatically shutdown, sleep, log off or restart, just┬áspecify the time ( daily, at a given time or some time later) and Wise Auto Shutdown will┬árun silently in the background as if it werenÔÇÖt at all. If you want to get the main screen back,┬ájust double-click the icon on the tray. Wise Auto Shutdown reminds users five minutes before┬áit performs the task. The application is famous for various task types and different ways to┬áspecify time, what makes it stand out app in its category

Wise Auto Shutdown packs all the features within user-friendly interface that allows users to schedule their computer to automatically restart, log off or shutdown. There are some interesting features such as time reminder and silent running mode. Wise Auto Shutdown also provides support for multiple languages.

Overall, Wise Auto Shutdown is a free and simple shutdown tool that will carry out scheduled reboot or shut down tasks which can be executed both on a daily basis or at a specified date time.