Better Explorer Download

Better Explorer is a great alternative to standard Windows, with more features for more convenient work. Some of these features include Tabs, the quick access toolbar, ribbon GUI and a number of extra options.

The most noticeable difference between the current Windows and Better Explorer is the use of the ribbon interface, which helps in accessing frequently used commands and also allows access to number of handy tools and options. Basically, if you select certain file or folder, it produces tabs for special ribbons. The ribbon interface takes up a little bit more space on the screen, but you can minimize the ribbon to get the space back.

Another immediately visible difference is a tabbed interface. The tabs are undoubtedly nice to have, as it provides a great way to work with several folders at the same time without having to clutter up the taskbar with too many buttons. It can even help speed up the process of copying, pasting or refreshing files.

Better Explorer consists of three main tabs: Home, Share, and View. The Home tab is the most useful as it provides options for editing and managing files such as moving and copying files, as well as the ability to delete and open them. When it comes to Share tab, it delivers commands responsible for sharing files and creating archives with one or more files. The View tab, on the other hand, offers view related commands, for example you can sort and group files the way you like, or in place o icons, you can view files using a list.

In addition to this useful list of features, Better Explorer also offers numerous contextual tabs which turns out to be extremely useful when working with certain items, such as libraries, images, archives, and drives. The Drive Tools ribbon, for example, brings commands for formatting, cleaning, and optimizing the drive, whereas the Image Tools offers buttons for rotating and flipping images as well as converting image files to other file formats.

Better Explorer is not without flaws, it's quite usable, but still requires some improvements.

Functionality is the utmost factor that we all consider when managing files, so it is important that the tool we are using intuitively interacts with our files and offers rich package of handy tools. If you find Explorer is falling short of some features, Better Explorer is a free alternative that may fulfill your expectations. At the moment it works on Windows 7 and Windows 8.