Spotify Download

Spotify is a music player that allows to stream music directly from the Internet for free, and to act as a traditional music player and MP3 manager. The program supports scrobbling, displaying the music you have played on your profile in the service.

After logging into your account you gain instant access to millions of tracks available on Spotify servers. The program has a built-in search engine that allows to search for favourite musicians, albums and separate tracks. The results of search do not limit to artists and songs, but they also include playlists created by other listeners. Users can search and listen to publically shared playlists, or create their own playlists and share them with other users.

Among the advantages of the service it's the fact that "you can click on everything". While browsing the results of the search you can quickly move to an artist's site by clicking their name. There will be a list of all the tracks that are available for this artist, and these will be divided into albums (along with their covers) and there also a list of the most popular songds. This way you can also browse albums and playlists. When browsing the profile of an artist, Spotify generates a list of similar musicians that may suit your taste. This way you can easily find new and interesting music for yourself.

Should you want to broaden your musical horizons, the feature of a radio comes in handy. In Spotify the radio is a personalized radio station that you create by typing in a key word (an artist, a song or an album). Spotify analyzes your suggestions and collects information on your musical preference. In the future it will play similar tracks for you. However, that's not the end: you can mark propositions by choosing "thumbs up" or "thumbs down". It further helps the program to verify its suggestions and to improve the accuracy of its suggestions.

There is also a nice addition to the program: a small market with free applications (or, to be more precise, plug-ins) that integrate with the program and further enhance its functionality. You can find a few dozens of plug-ins in there that allow you to access the news from the world of music, add extra social features, create themed playlists or display lyrics of the songs.

Spotify is very well integrated with social network service Facebook (among all, thanks to the fact that you can register on Spotify with your FB account). In tthe program you will see the list of your friends, and a bar on a side displays notifications on your Spotify using friends' activity (last listened tracks and created playlists). All the features that are connected to privacy are customable and you can set them according to your needs. Songs can be also shared thanks to special links, and there is a built-in mailbox to send and receive track suggestions from your friends.

Apart from music streaming features and sharing tracks, Spotify works quite well as a traditional MP3 player. The program allows to import your whole music collection from local hard drive. It's worth mentioning that songs you import to the program integrate with all previously mentioned features, so they will appear as search results and on playlists you can create from both locally stored and streamed songs.