GstarCAD Download

The truth is, not everyone likes to spend a lot on a program's licence, especially if the business has just been set up. Fortunately, programs such as GstaCAD enable to create project files without compromising quality and price. As the program is a perfect alternative for a functional but expensive AutoCAD, it can be used in both small project companies as well as in international companies. The program is based on IntelliCAD engine.

GstarCAD's biggest advantage is its compatibility with DWG format files. The vast majority of programs require to convert such files before opening them, but it is not the case with this one. The application opens DWG format files saved in AutoCAD (versions 2.5 and higher) without converting them and, therefore, without changing the content or causing any loss. That is why GstarCAD is compatible with an unmatched number of applications in this field.

All the options that are useful in creating projects have been packed in an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Standards such as making lines and shapes, 2D and 3D modeling and many more tools used in sketching and modifying projects are included. All these functions are grouped in tabs and toolbars that are easy to browse. The application's aim is to make it easily manageable for the users who have already used CAD environment-based programs so they don't have to learn everything from the square one.

Other useful options include exchanging data with EXCEL, using Lip/Vlisp scrypts, working with additional plug-ins and exporting projects to a vast variety of formats such as graphic BMP as well as WMF, EMF, SVG, EPS and PDF. Our projects can be also saved in lossless DWG format.

All in all, this program is essential for every person working with 2D and 3D projects, whether you are an architect, a game engineer or an Arts student.