Microsoft FrontPage 2003 SP3 Download

Microsoft FrontPage 2003 SP3 is an update that is recommended to all Office 2003 suite users. Service Pack 3 introduces quite a vast variety of corrections, in majority concerning the stability and improving the speed performance of the program. Along with it new features that make creating and publishing Internet sites easier.

As you are informed by Microsoft, this updated release introduces also other changes that turn off some of the features and allows the administrators of the computers to better control the content and access.

Changes made in Microsfot FrontPage 2003 SP3 are, among all:

- limiing opening and saving some formats of files
- making it impossible to start MAPI surveys in public folders and user folders
- making it allowable to apply (or to decline) using certain components of COM
- corrections to using Microsoft Office Document Imaging program
- some of the enclosures may not be compatible with Outlook
-making it impossible to configure Access's additions for all the users
- Quick Save option has been removed from MS Word
- the level of safety of macros has been improved in the older formats available in Excel.