Oracle Database 10g Express Edition Download

Oracle Database 10g Express Edition is a freeware version of an immensely popular database creator that is quick to download and intuitive in use. The application itself has been released by Oracle, a well-known company that created PHP, Java and .NET programming devices.

As a program designed to meet the needs of both experienced users and total newbies, it is as user-friendly as it is versatile. Oracle Database supports to import MS SQL, MySQL, MS Access, Excel, CSV, XML, or other formats to Oracle. By using this program you are able to develop applications with a tool that is not only powerful as itself, but also can be integrated with many other solutions to create an even more useful ultimate set for both professional admins and beginners.

Often compared to a similar program of Microsoft, Oracle Database uses only up to 1GB of RAM memory - even if there is more in a machine - and one of the CPU's cores. User data is bounded not to exceed 4 GB.

All in all, this specifically dedicated application is certainly very useful for those who work with databases on a daily basis.