Dream Aquarium Screensaver Download

Dream Aquarium Screensaver is a program which allows to turn the boring, static desktop of your computer into an animated, colourful, lively aquarium.

Dream Aquarium Screensaver changes the desktop of your computer into a photo-realistic, lively and incredibly colourful aquarium. It is worth noticing that little fish that inhabit it look unbelievably real when they are moving around swimming and moving their fins, eyes, gills, and so on. At the first glance it looks like a real aquarium!

There is also a nice addition in the form of a crab which cleans the bottom of the aquarium and sometimes runs around scaring the wits out of little fish. Users can choose from as many as 23 species of fish mixing them, picking up certain colours, and so on. Apart from beautiful fish, the developers of Dream Aquarium Screensaver have also created realistic surroundings: swinging plants that the fish can pass through, interesting additions such as houses, etc., etc.

Even details such as shadows, lighting reflexes, etc. has been taken into account when creating this program. Dream Aquarium Screensaver supports monitors of any resolution, as well as numerous monitors at the same time. Unfortunately, the freeware version of the program is limited in quite a few ways, for example: you can choose only between two species of fish, there is the program's logo in the corner of the desktop, and there are notifications that encourage you to buying the full version.

Nevertheless, we strongly recommend this program to anybody who is bored with their current desktop and would welcome a change.