Revealer Keylogger Free Download

Revealer Keylogger Free Edition is a nice and simple application that logs every keystroke including the user names, passwords and conversations. It's an easy to use and very lightweight utility with an attractive interface.

It performs surprisingly well while running silently in the background and eating up a low amount of system resources. It is almost invisible allowing you to use the computer as if it were not all. the logs are saved as TXT. The app automatically removes all logs every month, but there is an option to backup them if needed.

How does it work ? Once you complete the installation process, open the program, write something in it, click enter and the app will display your text in the main window.

To hide it, click the eye button of the toolbar, if you want to get it back, launch the revealer again.

All in all, Revealer Keylogger Free is a simple yet effective application that can find out what has been typed on your computer.