Argos Monitoring Download

Argos Monitoring is an advanced system monitoring software which allows users to record user activity on the PC. The main goal of the application is to peacefully and invisibly spy computer without the user's knowledge using the advanced playback feature while also providing a simple interface to manage all the functions and verify the registered information. Thanks to powerful viewer for playback and filtering data, you can easily analyze the PC’s activity.

The program provides a safe and convenient way for the user to track computer’s activity, record keys and a list of visited pages, create screenshots at specified time and overall system monitoring. The inclusion of "View Logs" lets you view the collected information along with additional details, like the address of the website shown in the screenshot. All the collected results can be organized and displayed directly in the program’s window. It is worth mentioning the calendar that allows you to restrict the information to specific dates.

Argos monitoring runs in the background, it is absolutely invisible for the user and does not have any icons in the system tray so it is difficult to detect its presence, which unfortunately is not always the case in this type of program. The only way to gain access to the application is a password you have set - without its knowledge, no one will check the information recorded by the program.

Program’s settings allow you to change your password, set the time interval at which the app creates screenshots, determine the maximum size of the data collected and the period after which the oldest information will be deleted. We can also define what aspects of user activity are to be recorded on a regular basis.