Micro Keylogger Download

Micro Keylogger is a program for monitoring your computer while you are away. It has all the traditional functions of a typical keylogger, i.e. an application that intercepts the buttons pressed on the keyboard, and also allows you to automatically create screenshots or block pages and system processes.

The program was created for people who want to monitor and protect their computers against unauthorized persons who may be using them while they are not around. It is also useful for those who want to control what is happening on their computer while they are away (Micro Keylogger also works well as a parental control program).

The program interface is friendly and the operation is intuitive. All functions are grouped into tabs, which are navigated by means of icons. Here you will find a tab that allows you to monitor and create reports on visited websites, downloaded files, used applications or typed words on the keyboard. You can also limit our spying to a specific user account as well as set the program in such a way that it always monitors all users - even those who will be created after installing the keylogger.

To help with monitoring, the screenshot function is useful, thanks to which the program automatically creates and saves screenshots every specified amount of time. Here you will also find some options, for example, those that allow you to select the screen area or specify the interval between capturing the image. When securing your computer, the filters function will also be helpful, which will allow you to block individual websites and launch applications with specific names.

Micro Keylogger can share information with us in two ways. The first method is to send reports by e-mail at specific times or when the report size exceeds a certain degree. If you do not want to send an e-mail, we should be interested in the option of sending reports to our FTP server - just enter the access data and select a folder, and the Micro Keylogger will automatically connect to the server and place the necessary logs.

Micro Keylogger is a hidden application, the unaware user will not find it on the system. To remove the program, run the configuration window, enter the password (123456 by default) and use the uninstall function built into the program. The access password can be changed at any time in the Security tab.